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You’ve taken mediation training. Now, you’re looking for a way to take your mediation skills to the next level. You want to see what’s beyond the initial training, so that you can become as great a mediator as you want to be. That’s why they offer their Advanced Mediation Training. That’s where you can everything their mediation professionals have to offer. This is their mediation course for those who are serious about their mediation jobs and careers. When you’re ready to make that leap, they’ll be waiting.

Advanced Mediation TrainingAdvanced Mediation Training

The way their Advanced Mediation Training course works is that every step of the way, you’ll have the expertise and guidance that comes from pioneers in the industry. They can share their insights, experience, as well as the real “nuts and bolts” work of being a truly advanced mediator. The course is organized around a multi-party mediation. Instead just teaching the mediation process, the course deconstructs that process into teaching modules. From there, you can learn all of the skills that can help you to launch your career.

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The goal of their teaching modules is to focus on specific skills in mediation. That increased focus should allow you to totally master that skill. Through the stages of the mediation process, you will learn what there is to learn about these mediation skills. Mediating a complex case is just that: complex. So, every module has a thorough discussion and examination of ethical issues as well as any others that are unique to that specific facet of the case.  In the Advanced Mediation Training course, they expect you to do work outside of class. They encourage reflection as well as practice. That can be done through online worksheets and exercises. Of course, they provide all of those.

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As with many jobs in life, the difference between a beginning mediator and an advanced one is a mastery of the subtle skills. That’s one of the key things their advanced mediation training focuses on that. The “Mediator’s Mind,” as they call it has purposeful habits of mind. They will help you to develop those fully. The most complicated, complex cases offer unique challenges and opportunities. They take great pride in helping mediators to learn the specific convening activities that will foster participation from participants willingly, in even the most complicated and contentious cases. Insurance can be complicated in mediation, so they help you in better understanding the ins, outs and impact of insurance through every step of the mediation process.

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When you’ve developed a complete repertoire negotiation responses no matter what happens in the negotiation, you’ll be ready. Emotions are important in negotiation, but they have to be dealt with properly. They can work with you to figure out how best to deal with emotions as they arise. Understanding through listening is important, as is promoting the most effective interactions between participants. If you’re ready to learn all of this and more, give them a call at (877)927-1362 or head to their website.



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