Forensic Divorce Mediation to Dissolve a Marriage, Not Your Bank Accountant

Mediation Training

Some people may hear “forensic divorce mediation” and not know exactly what it means. However, it’s exactly what it sounds like: mediation for your divorce. It’s best for you when don’t want your divorce to become a battle. Instead of resolving some kind of fight, you resolve your differences. That way, you can both get a better start for the next phase of your life. At CrossCor, they believe in the “3Ps” for divorce mediation. That way, both parties are saved from having a more unpredictable and ultimately more expensive divorce.

forensic divorce mediationForensic Divorce Mediation 3Ps

The forensic divorce mediation approach their adhere to is called the “3Ps.” Those three “Ps” are: Prevent, Preserve and finally Prepare. “Prevent” means “prevent litigation.” While the process is still in mediation, you still have some control. Once your divorce gets to litigation, you won’t. You’ll have an attorney speaking for you, which means that you won’t be speaking for yourself. In mediation, you’re still speaking for yourself, you’re still involved. With mediation, you can control how the process goes. Crosscor can help.

Unsure what is Mediation in a Divorce Case?

The “Preserve” in their forensic divorce mediation comes from “preserving your wealth.” Divorce litigation can drain a bank account in a hurry. On average, divorce litigation lasts for somewhere from one year to seven. The typical attorney retainer will run you between ten grand and five. Bear in mind though, that’s not the last cost, that’s the beginning one. Before you even get to trial, both sides can be out somewhere from fifteen thousand to thirty. By the time you wrap up in court, you could be looking at anywhere from thirty thousand to one hundred thousand. They can keep that from occurring.

The Divorce Mediation Process

Of course, in Crosscor’s “preserving” phrase, they’re not just looking to preserve your bank account. Additionally, Corsscor can help you to preserve your emotional reserves as well as your time. Divorce litigation can lead to a process that goes on and on for an extended period of time. You have to keep driving in, working through it and worrying about it. It’s so hard to get ready for the next phase of your life if you have to keep reliving the last one. With our divorce mediation, you can get through the process faster.

Role of a Mediator in Divorce

“Prepare.” That’s what the last “P” in their forensic divorce mediation stands for. They help you to prepare for your new, independent life. When you go through divorce litigation, it’s difficult to start that process because you have to keep worrying and dealing with your divorce. With their mediation, you’re in control of the process. Even if your finances are complex, they can help to make that process simpler as well. At CrossCor, they have professionals who have been through a divorce, so they know how we can make the process better. They’ d love to talk to you about the process. You can find their website here or give them a call at (949) 264-1455.




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