How to Legally Change Your Name

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Your name is one of the more important things about you. In all likelihood, you’ve heard it every day of your life. Maybe you have a name you never really liked, or felt connected to. Perhaps you want a fresh start in almost every facet of your life. An old nickname, an annoying moniker could be a sign of a life you’ve left behind, and you’re focused solely on the future. Whatever your reasons, here at the US Legal Forms, we can show you how to legally change your name for any reason. With our forms, the process is simple and easy.

How to Legally Change Your NameHow to Legally Change Your Name the Right Way

When you’re first researching how to legally change your name, it can feel like a daunting process. After all, your name is on everything. You used it probably every day of your life, in every form you sign or type. However, the actual process doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here at US Legal Forms, we have just that: legal forms for changing your name. In fact, you can find forms on our site for changing your name in all fifty US states. Beyond that, we can walk you through the process. We have a name change form package and preparation services that can help you get the name you’ve always wanted.

New Name, New You

Everyone has different reasons for why they want to change their name. Your reasons for searching “how to legally change your name” can be entirely different from someone else’s. For many, it comes in the run up to a marriage. One spouse takes the other’s name, requiring our documents. For others, it comes in the wake of a divorce, as they return their name to what it was before the marriage or perhaps something else entirely. Once you do decide to change your name, however, you have to be careful to make sure that you get the name change on your DMV, passport, social security card and more.

Your Place for Affidavits and More

Documents regarding how to legally change your name are just one of the many services we offer here at US Legal Forms. While you can find documents allowing you change your name in every US state, you can also find the affidavits, power of attorney forms, promissory notes and more that you need. To see our entire catalog of forms, head to our site or give us a call at: (877)389-0141.


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