Need Help Filing a Police Misconduct Lawsuit Los Angeles?

police misconduct lawsuit Los Angeles

Victim of Police misconduct

The police have a wide range of authority and power over civilians. Their duties are to protect and serve the community. The Constitution and various other laws only puts limitations on how far their duties. In the last two years alone, there has been over 80 people who were victims of police misconduct. Many of this individuals have no idea how to file a police misconduct lawsuit Los Angeles. It can be extremely intimidating filing a lawsuit against authority, but if you are victim don’t be afraid to speak up. Jance Weberman Law is here to help you get the help you need.

police misconduct lawsuit Los AngelesDon’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

It can be scary to stand up for yourself against the police. Police misconduct is a very serious and trending problem in Los Angeles. Police misconduct includes; making up false charges to justify bad arrests,refusing to testify about other officers’ crimes, refusing to accept complaint reports from citizens, coercing women and men into performing sexual acts and much more. If any of these injustices have happened to you, let Jance Weberman Law help your voice be heard. Make sure you civil rights are protected and justified.

What We Can Do

Jance Weberman Law understands what their clients need. They know that you’re dealing with something that is tremendously stressed and under a lot of pressure. Jance Weberman will help, guide and protect your civil rights. They specialize in police misconduct lawsuits and will do everything their power to bring justice to your case.  Filing a police misconduct lawsuit Los Angeles isn’t easy but they are here to make it simple for you.

Take These Lawsuits Seriously

Police misconduct is a very serious matter. If you’re a victim do not be afraid to standing up for yourself and protect your civil rights. You need to have a team behind you that understands your needs and are experienced in the field of filing police misconduct lawsuits. If you need help and assistance filing a police misconduct lawsuit Los Angeles contact Jance Weberman. Contact them today at (213) 386-9100.

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