Power of Attorney: Being Prepared

Power of Attorney

No one likes to think about having an accident that leaves them incapacitated. Or alternately, should they suddenly become ill or fall into dementia. Unfortunately, this happens all across the country every day. Should it happen to you (and hopefully, it never does) it can be an extraordinary burden on the people you care about. It can cost them extreme amounts of money, to say nothing of the emotional pain. These are all reasons to fill out a “Power of Attorney” form. It can make a difficult time a bit easier on those closest to you.

Power of AttorneyPower of Attorney Explained

The idea behind a “Power of Attorney” form is: should you become incapacitated; the important tasks in your life can be properly delegated. If you can’t take care of yourself all of a sudden, this power makes it so that someone in your life who shares a joint banking account with you won’t be locked out of it. It also makes it so that contracts involving you can still be signed, and that the bills you need to pay can continue to be paid. You know how any interruption could have cataclysmic effects on both your life and the lives of others. This form keeps that from happening.

Beyond a Living Will Form

Most people are familiar with a “Power of Attorney” form in the context of an older loved one. Whether by dementia, illness or some other infirmity, they can’t really act on their own behalf anymore. However, it’s important to keep in mind those aren’t the only times when you might need this form. For example, it could also be used should you become incarcerated or be away on military service.  You don’t have to be incapacitated forever to find this form helpful. Indeed, many people utilize this when they have an accident that requires hospitalization, or even if they’re just out of town. Sometimes, this form comes in handy when you require assistance from someone on with a true expertise on a particular subject matter.

Affidavits and More

There are many kinds of Power of Attorney forms available at our site. Whether you need the “Durable,” “Limited,” or “Medical” kind, you can find those documents (as well as so many others) at our site. Have questions about these forms? You can peruse them at our site or give us a call at (877)389-0141 to help you determine which is right for you.


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