Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Los Angeles Know Your Rights

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No one should have to go to work each day feeling uncomfortable or threatened by a co-worker or supervisor. Unfortunately, the experience is all too common today. Many people dread going to work each day because of what they must put up with. They feel they have no alternative or nowhere to turn for help. Sexual harassment is not something you should tolerate under any circumstances, and there are steps you can take so that you do not have to live in a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles such as ours here at the law offices of Jance M. Weberman know your rights and can help you with your situation.

Learning What to do about Harassment

Many people that experience harassment are unsure about what the first steps should be. They may be unaware of what their rights are under California law and what constitutes harassment under the current statutes. Speaking with an experienced attorney in your situation can give you an understanding of how they will handle your case. The insight from a lawyer can also help guide you as to what the initial steps are for you to take to document the incident and take steps to stop the harassment.

sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles
Lawyers to Protect You

You may be fearful about your job when you are threatened by a co-worker or supervisor and get told you must put up with advances or language or risk losing your job. Sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles like Jance Weberman can help put these threats to a stop and work with you to make sure you are protected. If you were fired for your actions to stop the harassment, we will work to help you get your job back, recover lost wages and even get you compensation for your emotional stress.

Talk to the Right Lawyers in Los Angeles

Here at the law offices of Jance M. Weberman, they have a team of sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles that will assist you with your case. Contact their office by calling (213)386-9100 to set up an appointment to meet with a lawyer and discuss your case confidentially in a safe atmosphere. Let them help you and protect your right to a safe workplace.

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