The Power of an Affidavit


An affidavit can be a very powerful document indeed. Most people have heard the term but maybe aren’t exactly sure what it means. Simply put, they’re documents made under oath. What makes them so important is that they can be used as evidence in court. They contain facts, which makes that possible. The person who makes the document (called an “affiant”) has to sign a sworn form. Not only do they have to do this in front of a rotary, they do it under penalty of perjury. So, that means if something in the document is a lie, they could be prosecuted for it.

AffidavitBest Place for Affidavit Forms

When you’re looking for a specific kind of affidavit, even an online search can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Rooting around all over the internet to find the specific document form you’re looking for can be tiresome. At US Legal Forms, they want to be your one stop shop for all of these documents. You can find all the forms you need for essentially any situation. So, you could find “Death of Joint Tenant” documents, “Lost Note” ones, “Small Estates” and so many others. In fact, it might’ve been easier if they’d simply listed all of the documents they don’t offer at their site.

“Affadavit” is an Incorrect Spelling

Each affidavit is different. In fact, there are many different kinds available, depending on what facts you need to prove. For example, a “Residency” one can prove that a place is indeed someone’s residence. That can be critically important when it comes time to get a homestead exemption, or other matters involving taxes. A “Service” one shows that legal documents were indeed delivered to the proper person and that they were received. Determining alimony and child support isn’t always easy. When that needs to be determined in matters regarding custody, separations, divorces and the like, a “Financial” document is used to establish clearly a party’s assets and income.

Many Kinds of Forms Available

They understand that when you’re searching online for an affidavit, you want to make sure that you have the right document. That’s why they make it so easy to get a free sample. With their sample preview forms available, you’ll know that you’re getting the right document every time. To see all of the many documents and forms they have, call them at (877)389-0141 or head to their website.



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