Bankruptcy Attorney Burbank

Bankruptcy Attorney Burbank

Some of us are feeling the pressures of financial hardship, which can lead to declaring a bankruptcy. But the process of filing can be very complicated. To ensure that you’re doing the right process, you may need the assistance of bankruptcy attorney Burbank expert.

The expert attorney can guide you throughout the process of filing.

But do you really need the help of a bankruptcy attorney expert?Bankruptcy Attorney

It’s not necessary that you have a bankruptcy lawyer. Individuals are not required by law to hire a lawyer just to file for bankruptcy. But corporations and partnerships do.

However, if you’ve been receiving calls from your creditors and collector or you’re unsure of how to face your debt that’s been piling up, then you need the assistance of the expert.

You also need the help of a lawyer if you require representation in court. If it’s your business that’s struggling, you should consider finding a chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer.

Generally, your lawyer will help you restructure your business and reorganize your debts so you can pay later.

In case you need to close your business, your chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will help you hand over your business to your creditor so you can clear out your debt.

Even if you don’t necessarily need a lawyer, you’re still better off having lawyer considering the complicated process of filing. Your lawyer will protect your rights as a citizen and as a debtor.

How much does a bankruptcy lawyer charge?

The rates will vary depending on the category of bankruptcy that you wish to file. Typically, attorneys will charge by the hour. A retainer is also established, which is paid up front.

At Karadjian and Escobar law office, we will try to reduce your debt successfully.

We can help you lower, erase or reorganize your debt. In this way, you can pay once you are able to. Most creditors would lower the amount of money owed, Bankruptcy Attorneyrather than not getting anything from you. That said, they are willing to negotiate and give you a discount of the amount that you borrowed from them.

When filing for bankruptcy, you should understand that you will lose some of your assets. And as mentioned earlier, you may need to close your business. With the help of a bankruptcy attorney Burbank expert, your situation will be assessed carefully and the lawyer will recommend the type of bankruptcy that you should file.

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