How to Change Your Last Name Legally

How to Change Your Last Name Legally

You want to change your name, and perhaps adopt a name that is commonly used in your family, or you want to change it to remove negative associations. Whatever your reasons for deciding to alter the name you are known by, it is essential that you understand how to change your last name legally, as well as through social channels. You might be nervous about the cost, or uncertain that it will work out for you, but if you commit to changing your name, it can be easy and relatively straightforward.

How to Change Your Last Name LegallyAreas Where You Need To Change Your Name

Sometimes, you have to fill in forms to change your surname through no fault of your own. For example, you may want to change your last name after you have married. Whether you are a bride following the traditional name changed, or a groom wishing to preserve his wife’s surname, you must fill in the required form in order to complete the process. You may also need to fill in forms in order to update the DMV about your name change, or to correct an error on your current driving license. Again, you will have to complete forms in order to begin the name change process.

Starting the Process

Whatever your reasons for making the change, you will have to commit to finding the correct forms in order to get the process underway. You may have to fill in forms for your bank, tax authority and employer, and you will also need to apply for a court order, which will require all of these entities to change their records. You will need to apply for these forms in the area where you reside, making sure that you are clear about the reason for the change and why it is necessary, in order to ensure that you receive acceptance of your new name.

Get Help Today

You need assistance when you are investigating how to change your last name by applying for a court order. US Legal can offer you useful forms which you need to complete in order to ensure that the name is changed correctly, and they can also provide you with advice about completing the form in order to make sure that you get the results you want. To start the process of changing your name using legal forms today, call US LEGAL FORMS INC now at (877)389-0141.

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