Hire A Team Of Lawyers With Domestic Violence Experience

Domestic Violence Experience

The Team Green Lawyers have already handled hundreds of domestic violence cases. With that experience, it’s the law firm that you can trust. The lawyers in this firm understand how the prosecution creates a case against you. They also know how to adequately defend your rights.

New York Attorney For Domestic Violence

The consequences of domestic violence have become more severe that they were decades ago. The government and politicians want to prove that they are tough on crime. If you are charged with this offense in New York, it can be frustrating and embarrassing. One of the reasons is that some of the very personal issues must be exposed to reveal the truth. It can be upsetting when the government meddle in your personal life and get involved in your private disputes. For that reason, it is vital to hire a qualified New York domestic violence attorney to ensure your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Based On A Certain Story

The most frustrating part of being charged with domestic violence is that it is usually a crime that’s based on a story of a person who’s angry with you. That person may only want revenge. Unfortunately, the judicial system can be manipulated easily as long as the person has an agenda against you. The need for revenge usually comes from a divorce or a recently discovered infidelity. The courts in New York are full of men and women who were charged with domestic violence offenses. Some of them just pled to something they didn’t do. Others went to trial because they were wrongly convicted. The consequences of unnecessary pleas can last a lifetime. They also involved heavy fines and jail time for a year or a lifetime. If you are arrested or convicted of this crime, you might be deported from the US. You might also lose custody of your children. When someone calls 911 to report you of domestic violence, the prosecution isn’t interested in what happened in your relationship with that person or what the fight was all about. Instead, the prosecution team is concerned with a type of conviction.

Hiring Team Green Lawyers

Each lawyer in this firm is properly trained in defending clients against domestic violence. The lawyers here know what the prosecution team wants and knows allowing them to spot all the weaknesses of the case brought against you. When you hire Team Green Lawyers, you are hiring someone who can represent you with confidence. You can confidently enter a courtroom because you know that the experienced lawyers of Team Green Lawyers will defend your rights aggressively.


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