What Happens When You Face Kidnapping Allegations In New York?

Kidnapping Allegations In New York?

Kidnapping isn’t a mild offense. It’s a serious crime as it involves taking a person against his/her will. This crime can span all ages, social statuses and genders, as well as races. Some kidnapping cases end in sexual assault, physical harm or murder. If you are accused or charged with kidnapping, you must know your legal rights to minimize the potential damage of a conviction. In children, kidnapping is typically the result of a bitter child custody battles. That is when one parent takes the child without the other parent’s consent. Even if the child is your own, you will still be convicted of kidnapping. Furthermore, if you take a child without expressing permission, it can also lead to kidnapping charges.

Defending Kidnapping Charges

Several valid legal defenses that can be applied to any kidnapping charges. It could be that a mistaken identity falsely accused you. Or you could be a custodial parent of the kid. Although there are other several defenses that an attorney can apply, these are the most common. Kidnapping a child, an adult or a family member is a severe crime. It can lead to a lifetime prison sentence, especially if you are convicted. Because of that, you must understand the charges you face and the legal options you have as a criminal defendant. But do not worry. The Team Green Lawyers will be there for you to defend your rights.

Call The Lawyers Right Away

If you are accused of kidnapping, you must call the Team Green Lawyers right away. Their attorneys are experienced New York Criminal Defense lawyers. Some of their attorneys were former prosecutors, so they know and understand the objectives of the prosecutors. They also know how to negotiate plea deals properly, and they can work out to lessen the charges against the accused. The proven track record of the Team Green Lawyers is another reason they are a favorite group of lawyers in New York. They have extensive trial experience. Some of their lawyers have prosecuted hundreds to thousands of cases. So, if you are facing a kidnapping charge or any criminal offense, you must hire an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. Call them today to obtain a free case analysis. The report you receive has all the answers you need to understand the charges against you. The custom analysis can be downloaded in less than a minute. Visit their website today at https://www.teamgreenlawyers.com/ or call them (315) 424-8326

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