A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Get the Victim The Compensation They Deserve

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Get the Victim The Compensation They Deserve

The best kind of is the one who’s always by their client’s side, both literally and metaphorically. Most people think that when there’s a motorcycle accident, it’s the motorcyclist’s fault. However, studies have shown that usually 70% of the time it’s the fault of something other than the motorcyclist. Most motorcyclists themselves aren’t even aware of all the different things that could’ve caused their accident. Among the many different ways that a motorcycle accident attorney can help their clients, one of the most overlooked is how they can bring in the experts to find what’s really to blame for the accident.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Get the Victim The Compensation They Deserve

Discover That Defects Were to Blame, Not the Rider

Roads in Southern California can be treacherous. Sure, the weather is nice most of the time, but when it rains, it really comes down. That can cause all kinds of deep potholes, water pooling, or very uneven pavement. Even the slightest, subtlest imperfections in the road can cause an accident. When these are the cause of a motorcycle accident, a great motorcycle accident attorney can help the victim to bring legal accountability to the responsible party. That means going after those who were responsible for improperly cared for guardrails, missing road signs, untended to shoulders and everything else that caused the victim’s accident. This also includes roads that have been dangerously weakened due to continual rain and flooding. Usually, these are the responsibilities of municipalities, which can be very difficult to go after. However, a dogged motorcycle accident attorney will make sure their clients get what they’re owed.

When a Defect Inside a Motorcycle Causes an Accident

There are so many complex moving parts within a motorcycle. If just one part is out of alignment or worn down a bit, it could be cause an accident that isn’t the rider’s fault. When that happens, a motorcycle accident attorney has to help the victim hold the manufacturer responsible. Motorcycle injuries, even the slight ones, can be long lasting. It’s great when a person has a motorcycle accident and can go right back to work. However, even in those fortunate cases, the person who was in the accident often needs medical assistance down the road. For those who have been injured worse, the financial situation can be grim. Bills stack up upon bills. The medical costs could include expensive medications, costly rehabilitation, and so much more. That’s why someone who’s been in a motorcycle accident needs a motorcycle accident attorney who’ll take the fight to an at-fault manufacturer.


Abkarian & Associates: Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Who Stand Up for Their Clients

With a 98% success rate, the motorcycle accident attorney team at Abkarian & Associates has a proven track record of getting things done. In fact, Mr. Abkarian, a great attorney with lots of experience in motorcycle accidents, personally consults on every case, so that everyone injured in a motorcycle accident has someone standing up for them. With no fees for consulting, this is a motorcycle accident attorney who can help right away.

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