PI Attorney NYC Fights for Clients In All Kinds of Vehicular Accidents

PI Attorney NYC Fights for Clients In All Kinds of Vehicular Accidents

Were you injured in an accident but you weren’t behind the wheel of a car? Are you dealing with injuries from that accident and aren’t sure what to do? At Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP firm, they help people with all different kinds of injuries from vehicular accidents. Any time you get behind the wheel, something dangerous can potentially happen. However, you don’t have to be behind the wheel to have been injured by the actions of another. Whenever and however that occurs, they can be at your side to help you get the compensation you deserve. 


Intersection Cases 

New York City is incredible. There’s nowhere like it in the world. Unfortunately, some of what makes it unique is also what can, potentially, make it a bit more dangerous. Case in point: New York City intersections. These intersections are, quite literally, notorious for the sheer number of accidents that can happen every single year. You can be walking along, doing everything right, yet someone behind the wheel doesn’t yield, runs a red, or just flat out isn’t paying attention. When that happens, you deserve to be compensated for everything that you have to go through. 


Taxi Accidents

Taxis are supposed to be convenient, safe options. Instead of driving yourself, you’re entrusting someone else to get you where you want to go. Sometimes, that goes wrong. When it does, they can be there. Moreover, they have a proven track record of success when it comes to cases involving a licensed “medallion” cab or even an unlicensed cab. Should you be hurt either due to the taxi driver or the person who hit them (or both), they can help. 


Pedestrian Accidents 

PI AttorneyDrivers, as they’re behind the wheels of cars, are supposed to be careful around pedestrians. After all, if a car’s barreling at you, it’s hard (if not impossible) to get out of the way. Millions of New Yorkers, daily, get around on foot. If drivers fail to use due care, if they hurt folks just minding their business, then they deserve to be held responsible. At our law firm, they’ve settled cases for millions on behalf of our clients. However, if the other side doesn’t make a fair offer, then they have no problem taking them to court so that they can get our clients what they deserve. 


A PI Attorney in NYC for All Kinds of PI 

Bicycles, boats, limousines – if you’re injured through the actions of another person, then you deserve to be compensated for them. They have a 95% success rate, one of the highest you’ll find anywhere (if not the highest). A quick look at the “results” section of our site will show how they’ve helped folks just like to receive the compensation they deserve for everything that they’ve had to go through. They’re always glad to sit down with people and see how they can help them. To schedule that, just give them a call at (800) 660-2264. 

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