Preserve Evidence with an Affidavit

Preserve Evidence with an Affidavit

Sometimes, you have a witness who is not able to make it to court. If a witness is unavailable, you need to have a document that verifies the testimony of that witness. This type of document is known as an affidavit, and serves as a way to provide testimony that would otherwise not be allowed. In order to understand how this document works, and how you can make use of it in law, we are going to guide you through the basics of document taking and law. This basic introduction will help you to understand more about why this form is necessary in some legal cases.

AffidavitWhat Is It?

Before you take down any information in this document, you will need to understand exactly what it means. In legal terms, this is a statement that is made by a witness under oath, with the penalty of perjury. When your witness makes the statements, and the form is signed, everyone agrees that the statement is true and accurate. By making this statement in front of a notary, and having the legal expert question the witness, the document is legal proof that the statement has been made by the witness and is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

How You Can Use This Document

There are several different varieties of this form, and which one you use may depend upon what you need. For example, if the witness is swearing a statement for financial purposes, such as in the case of a divorce or custody agreement, then this will help to settle that separation and agreement. A support document can also be used when there is some debate about an inheritance, or over probate. The witness will swear that certain events have occurred, and the notary will have them sign it. These documents may also be used in order to avoid the formal process of asset distribution in the event of a death.

Where Can I Get This Document?

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