The Best New York City Personal Injury Attorneys for Any Injury

The Best New York City Personal Injury Attorneys for Any Injury

Have you suffered an injury and you have mounting bills you have no idea how you’ll pay? Did you start to research New York City personal injury attorneys but aren’t sure if they’ll be able to help with your injury? Unfortunately, injuries occur in New York City all of the time. Sometimes, it can feel as if there are as many lawyers in this city as there are cabs. Here at The Law Firm of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff LLP, we’ve helped people from all walks of life who have suffered any number of injuries over the years to receive the compensation they deserve. Our 95% success rate speaks to that. 


Injury While Driving 

Few injuries can be as devastating as those suffered as a result of an automobile accident. They can impact every facet of your life negatively, making it difficult (if not impossible) to lead your life in the way you had previously. We’ve helped so many who have been through difficult automobile accidents to recover the full measure of their damages. Lost wages, medical bills, vehicular bills, and others – we can help you to get everything that you deserve for all that you’ve had to go through. 


Injury While “On Foot” 

Unfortunately, New York City intersections can be dangerous places. Indeed, our city is notorious for how many intersection accidents there are annual. You shouldn’t have to pay for all of the bills that accrue as a result of someone else hitting you after they’ve run a red light, blowing through a stop sign, or something similar. The same goes for it if you’re run into by someone when you’re on a bicycle. Bicycling can be a convenient, healthy way to get around the city. When you’re hit by a driver who’s reckless and/or negligent, you deserve to be compensated for that. 

New York City personal injury attorneysAn Injury on Someone Else’s Premises 

If you’re on someone else’s property, they’re expected to keep it up to a “reasonable level of safety.” Should they fail to do so in such a way that leads to your injury, you very well might be eligible to seek financial compensation. With cases such as these, some folks think: “well, I don’t know if I’d be able to get compensation, so I won’t reach out to an attorney.” The truth is that many folks who have strong premises injury cases don’t realize it. It always behooves you to reach out to the pros. 


New York City Personal Injury Attorneys Who Can Help 

The above are just some of the different kinds of injury cases that we’ve had success with on behalf of our clients. In our 95% success rate, that includes so many limousine accident injury cases, motorcycle accident injury cases, taxi accident injury cases, ones involving trucks, and so many others. The truth is that if you’re injured in New York City due to the actions of someone else, we very well may be able to help. To schedule a free consultation, call (800) 660-2264.

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