The Many Benefits of a Personal Injury Attorney

The Many Benefits of a Personal Injury Attorney

Many people think that really all a personal injury attorney can do is represent the victim in court. Attorneys can actually do so much more than that. From the moment someone who’s been injured calls an attorney, there’s a long list of services they provide that are exclusive to attorneys that specialize in personal injuries. Alas, in Southern California, while there are many attorneys to choose from, some personal injury attorneys are in it for themselves more than the clients. It can be difficult (if not, at times, seemingly impossible) to separate the wheat from the chaff. Luckily, through just a bit of research and knowing what to look for, anyone can find the right personal injury attorney to represent them.

The Many Benefits of a Personal Injury Attorney

The Right Personal Injury Attorney Works on Contingency, But Fights for the Client

In this context, “contingency” means that the attorney will only get paid if the person who’s been injured receives some kind of settlement. This works as a tremendous motivator for the attorney. If they don’t manage to get some kind of financial “win” for their client, then they won’t be paid. The higher the financial settlement, the more money the person who’s been injured (and the personal injury attorney) will be paid. However, be wary if the attorney just wants to settle as quickly as possible. This could mean that the attorney doesn’t have the “stomach” to take on the insurance company, and just wants to take the first settlement offered. Every person who’s been injured deserves a  that wants to fight on their behalf. A good rule: find an attorney that has a proven track record of telling the client every new development in the case.

Going Against an Insurance Company

Insurance companies, for the most part, essentially have limitless resources as their disposal. Any person who takes them on, whether at the negotiating table, in court, or any other context, without an attorney is in trouble indeed. The insurance company itself knows quite a bit about the law, so anyone who’s just been injured needs someone on their side who does, too. The layperson doesn’t really know how much their claim is worth. An insurance company will exploit that, hoping to settle for as little as possible. An attorney is a way that the injured can fight back. In fact, a personal injury attorney who has experience with big settlements from insurance companies is always the way to go.

Meet the Insurance Companies Head On

Abkarian & Associates have a team of personal injury attorneys who have been going against insurance companies for years and winning. Beyond that, they also take over the medical and hospital bills of the injured, as it’s one more way that they can make life easier on their clients. They’ll even replace a motor vehicle if it was totaled in the course of their client’s accident, making them personal injury attorneys that do right by their clients.

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