Cops Don’t Play Fair: Protect Yourself with an Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Cops Don’t Play Fair: Protect Yourself with an Affordable Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

The simple truth is that our current criminal justice system falls short in protecting our rights from corrupt policemen with agendas and overzealous prosecutors who care more about their conviction percentages than justice. Jance Weberman, an affordable criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, doesn’t say this to needlessly scare you, but to inspire you to protect your rights as best you can if you’re in the unfortunate position of needing criminal defense.

Corruption is Rampant

Corrupt police officers have multiple opportunities to interfere with the process, including planting evidence and faking information to get a warrant. One recent example in the news took place in North Carolina, where a “North Carolina Cop Was Fired for Using Snitch, Fake Drugs to Falsely Charge Black Men with Trafficking”. Luckily, in this case, the officer was caught and the men he targeted shared a 2 million dollar settlement for their wrongful arrests.

Unfortunately, a person’s criminal defense can also be affected by the district attorney’s office that prosecutes the case. Over in Georgia, one D.A. is “accused of offering bribes to prosecutors” and trying to influence a police officer’s testimony to strengthen his case. While this case is active, the fact of the matter is that the issues involved are plausible and unfortunately all too common.

These are just two examples of how people with influence and a vendetta can ruin a person’s life using our criminal justice system. However, even defendants who get a fair trial and are ostensibly guilty of the criminal offense have certain rights. And usually, the best way to make sure you know your rights and protect yourself is by getting a criminal defense attorney.

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