Secure Your Paperwork with Our Real Estate Sale Contract

Secure Your Paperwork with Our Real Estate Sale Contract

You have found the ideal home, and want to make sure that you get all the paperwork filled in as quickly as possible. One of the most important forms that you will need to sign is the real estate sale contract. This document has to be exactly right, or the sale may fall through. If you have never completed any real estate paperwork before, then you may not know exactly what you need in order to ensure that the sale is legal and nothing is left to chance. With our easy to download form, you can have a look at the sale contract yourself before you sign anything.

Real Estate Sale ContractWhat Does This Contract Contain?

You will most likely need a sale contract which is specific to your state, but they will all have a series of timetables, rules and a set framework under which your sale will be completed. If the requirements are not met, then the sale will not continue, so you need to set down on this form everything that has to be completed. Within this sale contract, terms of agreement will be listed between the seller and the buyer, and may cover things such as the price of purchase, timetable of getting your mortgage agreed, and any division of costs. There will usually be contingencies for house inspection and a closing timetable.

Making Sure All Details Are Included

Two important stages that must be listed on your sales contract are the arranging of the mortgage, and the closing date. Most people will require a mortgage in order to purchase the house, and so your offer will necessarily be contingent upon that finance. Arranging for your mortgage to be set up prior to completing the sales contract can make things go faster, but beware of contracts that don’t allow you to back out. You will also need to arrange a closing date which will allow you to sell your current home. Giving yourself enough time to complete both of these transactions is an essential part of the contract document.

Find Your Sale Contract with Us

If you are looking for an easy way to complete a real estate sale contract without having to go through a realtor, then US Legal may be the perfect answer. We can provide you with documents specific to your state, or the state you are buying in, quickly and easily. To find out more, call them toll-free on 1-877-389-0141 today.


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