Understanding Why You Need a Chapter 13 Lawyer in Irvine

Understanding Why You Need a Chapter 13 Lawyer in Irvine

If you find yourself facing debt and are unsure how to get out of it, you likely feel a great deal of stress and anxiety right now. You worry about your family and your home, and if you have fallen behind on your mortgage, you may worry about what will happen and if you will face foreclosure. You may also deal with a constant barrage of phone calls and letters from collection agencies and the like, harassing you and seeking to get money from you that you simply do not have. It may be time for you to learn about options available to you that can assist you, and speaking with a chapter 13 lawyer in Irvine can help you understand better that there is a way out for you.

Learning about Chapter 13

Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option that is better for many people, particularly if you are a homeowner. Under the chapter 13 filing, a repayment plan can be structured for you so that you can pay back at least of the debt that you owe within a three or five-year span. With the help of a lawyer and the court system, you can file for this bankruptcy and get the relief you need while gaining the time and flexibility to pay back your debts. Also, for homeowners, chapter 13 can allow you stay in your home and repay the mortgage payments you may owe under the plan.

a chapter 13 lawyer in irvine

How a Lawyer Helps You

Speaking with a chapter 13 lawyer in Irvine can help you immensely. A lawyer that has experience with cases like yours and a detailed understanding of the chapter 13 laws and regulations can help you to see if qualify for a plan such as this. Your attorney can then work with you, going over your situation and finding the options that are best for you to help develop a plan so you can file and structure a plan that works well for you.

Find a chapter 13 lawyer in Irvine

The best way for you to learn what options and approaches can be best for you is to talk to a chapter 13 lawyer in Irvine about your situation. At the law office of Karine Karadijan, they can consult with you and give you the advice and guidance you need right now that can help. You can arrange for a free meeting with Ms. Karadijan and speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer so you can talk about your rights and what might be best for you. Call the office at (949) 565-4707 to set up your meeting so they can help ease your mind and start the process of getting you out of debt.

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