Is Mediation Divorce in Orange County the Best Option for You?

Is Mediation Divorce in Orange County the Best Option for You?

Deciding to get a divorce is a very difficult decision for anyone. It can get even more difficult when there are children involved and significant assets to divide. Many couples are reluctant to have to go through the divorce hearings in the court system because they can become confrontational and they can take a long time to develop, occur, and get resolved. If both parties are amicable regarding the divorce, there may be better options available to you instead of a divorce hearing. Mediation divorce in Orange County may be the better option for you so that everything can get resolved fairly.

A Shorter Time for Mediation

Many couples choose mediation because the process can be much shorter for the couple. Mediation sessions often last a few hours each, and only a handful of sessions are generally needed to complete the paperwork and the process before the divorce can be finalized. In the court system, divorce will be much different. Litigation can often take upwards of one year because there are so many cases before the court, motions get filed, delays occur, and other correspondence takes place. In many instances, it might be many months before a hearing date is even granted.

Is Mediation Divorce in Orange County the Best Option for YouGreater Control in Mediation

Mediation divorce in Orange County is preferable for people because it gives them greater control of the way the divorce is handled. Most couples agreeing to mediation communicate well, and the attorneys representing each party will come to an agreement regarding the division of assets and how the custody and visitation involving children are handled. When a hearing and litigation occur in divorce, the court system may decide on both matters, and the resolution may not have what is in the best interests of the family.

Looking for Mediation in Orange County

If you believe mediation divorce in Orange County may be the best approach for you and your spouse, you may want to consider contacting CrossCor Valuations and Forensics, Inc. They are a forensic accounting firm that can help provide you with valuations financial mediation so that mediation can occur fairly and give all parties involved the best solutions. To arrange for a consultation to learn more about the services they provide to attorneys and clients, please contact their office at 949-264-1455, and schedule a time best for you to meet and discuss your case.

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