PI Lawyers in New York City on Your Legal Options About Domestic Violence

If you’re a survivor of domestic violence in New York, you can sue your perpetrator. But you must only do so after talking to one of the PI lawyers in New York City

There are several legal steps you can take to stop your spouse, partner, or family member from abusing you. But you always have the option to file a civil lawsuit. The purpose of this suit is to recover dangers for the injuries you sustained from domestic abuse.  However, most victims will find themselves hiring an inexperienced PI lawyer who doesn’t know what to do with their case. The attorney might file a criminal case or a family lawsuit. But neither of these two will address the injury from abuse. 

Hire PI Lawyers in New York City That Specialize in Domestic Violence Suit 

Our PI lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP don’t just fight for car accident injuries or product liability cases but they can also help you win a domestic violence suit. We can help you get compensation and justice for the physical abuse and the mental and sexual abuse you have endured for God knows how long. Our PI lawyers are very sensitive to our clients and we respect your situation. 

The Right to Prosecute 

pi lawyer new yorkChoosing to prosecute is your right. However, prosecuting someone you love can be daunting. It’s especially true if that person feels remorse and wants to change. Unfortunately, love can sometimes turn into a nightmare in one instant. You may love that person but you don’t deserve to be beaten. There are other ways to resolve conflicts between you and your partner. But beating isn’t one of them. 

An abusive relationship can continue round and round if you choose not to file a case. It’s vital that you contact a PI lawyer to talk about your case and what legal actions you can take. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, it can be difficult for you to think about filing a case against your partner or a family member. However, if you sustained a severe injury, you deserve compensation and justice. 

Do You Need to Involve the Police? 


It’s necessary, even if you don’t want to. A police report will help strengthen your case. If you call the police to intervene, the officer will investigate to know the facts about your situation. In that way, the officer will decide the violence level and whether or not charges must be filed.

Talk to an Attorney 

When you call a PI lawyer to help you with this case, you must know that a personal injury lawyer is paid on a contingency basis. It means that you will only pay the attorney if you win the case. 

Hiring one of the PI lawyers in New York City will take some of the legal burdens. With our dedicated team here at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP, you can trust that your case will be handled by capable hands. Call us today for a consolation: 1-800-660-2264. 


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